Birth of a Leader- 1974Edit

Our leader, Slothy, was born in 1974 in West Germany, after Vietnam ended. His mother was Slothina, and his father was Slothur Malenkov. He was born under Capitolist rule, but he soon began to love com

Baby slothy

Slothy, as a baby


Childhood- 1975-1986Edit

Slothy said his first words in 1975. His first words were... "Kill all the Capitolist bastards!" H

e began sloth school in 1976. He was fascinated how he learned more, and more about communism. But he also hated how he learned more, and more, about Capitolist country America. In honor of his hatred towards America, he burned the American flag on his homefront on the Fourth of July. They arrested him, as soon as he done that. But, since they found out he was communist, they shipped him off to East Germany (at the time, under Communist rule). Slothy was happy, very happy.

What the hell dude

Slothy's reaction to President Reagan being president

Slothy was verry happy throughout the late 70's. Carter was fucking up on his presidency, and he was in a country where they supported communism. Then when the 80's came, a person prooved to be more better than Carter. Reagan. He was furious that Reagan won as president. When the election of 84 came around, the only time that Slothy visited the Capitolist country, h

e voted for Walter Mondale (because he may be like his president, Carter, in the late 70's). But he was happy because Reagan, secretly, was ruining the American soil.

End of Communism in Soviet Russia- 1986-1991Edit

Slothy liked how Reagan was ruining the country, but he also disliked him trying to end communism. He threw slurs at the president, during his speeches, and also he threw food at the president too. But, he knew that it would not work. The worst dictator of Soviet Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev, announced in 1991 that the Soviet Union had collapsed. Slothy cried and cried and cried till he didn't feel no more tears come out of his eyes. 

Current Events- 1991-presentEdit

Slothy still lives today. Ever since Soviet Union had collapsed, he moved to another communist country... North Korea. He is friends with Kim Jong-Un, because he is thinks he is cereal about nuking America. He is also friends with Fidel Castro, was friends with Kim Il-Sung
Group picture

The Group picture of these communist leaders


Slothy reading a book

, and Ho Chi Minh. He was devestated of his closest friends pass, so he remembers them by a mermorial of those guys. Also, Slothy is a part of a group too. He formed a group called S.L.O.T.H.T or Slothy Loves Other tiny hot things. He loves to read too, also his favorite movie is Django. He is currently 38 years old. That is a little bit of a documentary of our leader.

Not only because the D is hard... but...